STICKERS – Pre-Cut Paper & Synthetic Stickers


Economical Gloss, Matt & Synthetic Stickers by the Box!

Supplied on an A4 sheet with 100 A4 Sheets per Box.

Some sizes are available by the sheet – please enquire as to what sizes we have if you are after only a small amount.





INK: Black & White digital printing or CMYK Full Colour digital printing

STOCK: Gloss Paper Label or Matt Paper Label or Synthetic Matt Vellum (water/oil/freezer/heat proof)

TURNAROUND: Approx 5 Working Days

NB: If you are wishing to purchase Synthetic Blanks, this is for Laser only. Check your printer settings as it requires as special setting to adhere

Additional information

Printed or Blank

Blank, Printed Black & White, Printed Full Colour

Sticker Size - WITH Bleed, no bleed or blank

125mm x 80mm, 4up/400 per Box (575), 135mm x 45mm, 8up/800 per Box (591), 135mm x 55mm, 6up/600 per Box (512), 138mm x 64mm, 6up/600 per Box (437), 200mm x 54mm, 5up/500 per Box (411), 200mm x 69mm, 4up/400 per Box (410), 200mm x 94mm, 3up/300 per Box (409), 25mm x 12mm, 120up/12000 per Box (516), 25mm x 25mm, 70up/7000 per Box (576), 284mm x 64mm, 3up/300 per Box (436), 30mm x 30mm, 48up/4800 per Box (459), 33.5mm x 15mm, 80up/8000 per Box (547), 33mm x 33mm, 40up/4000 per Box (562), 35mm x 6mm, 155up/15500 per Box (458), 38mm x 28mm, 48up/4800 per Box (566), 46mm x 11mm, 84up/8400 per Box (558), 50mm x 50mm, 15up/1500 per Box (544), 51mm x 24mm, 35up/3500 per Box (549), 51mm x 34mm, 25up/2500 per Box (546), 60mm x 32mm, 24up/2400 per Box, 60mm x 50mm, 15up/1500 per Box (445), 63mm x 18mm, 40up/4000 per Box (552), 64mm x 54mm, 15up/1500 per Box (435), 73mm x 23mm, 24up/2400 per Box (550), 75mm x 51mm, 10up/1000 per Box (543), 75mm x34mm, 15up/1500 per Box (545), 80mm x 65mm, 8up/800 per Box (577), 80mm x 80mm, 6up/600 per Box (574), 84mmx 45mm, 12up/1200 per Box (578), 88mm x 88mm, 6up/600 per Box (590), 90mm x 35mm, 14up/1400 per Box (542), 90mm x 55mm, 9up/900 Per Box (446), 93mm x 64mm, 9up/900 per Box (438), 95mm x 93mm, 6up/600 per Box (425), 97mm x 26mm, 20up/2000 per Box (541), 97mm x 68mm, 8up/800 per Box (539), 97mm x 89mm, 6up/600 per Box (418), A4, 283mmx 200mm, 1 up/100 per Box (407), A5, 200mm x 140mm, 2 up/200 per Box (408), A6, 140mm x 97mm, 4up/400 per Box (417), Circle 100mm, 4up/400 per Box (592), Circle 112mm, 3up/300 per Box (565), Circle 140mm, 2up/200 per Box (473), Circle 200mm, 1up/100 per Box (474), Circle 20mm, 96up/9600 per Box (563), Circle 25.4mm, 70up/7000 per Box (467), Circle 32mm, 40up/4000 per Box (556), Circle 35mm, 35up/3500 per Box (468), Circle 41mm, 24up/2400 per Box (595), Circle 45mm, 24up/2400 per Box (553), Circle 50mm, 15up/1500 per Box (564), Circle 53mm, 15up/1500 per Box (572), Circle 65mm, 12up/1200 per Box (470), Circle 71mm, 6up/600 per Box (594), Circle 80mm, 6up/600 per Box (593), Circle 90mm, 6up/600 per Box (471), None – I have chosen a No Bleed sticker size, Oval 100mm x 55mm, 10up/1000 per Box (478), Oval 140mm x 94mm, 4up/400 Per Box (479), Oval 200mm x 125mm, 2up/200 Per Box (480), Oval 280mm x 180mm, 1up/100 per Box (481), Oval 45mm x 25mm, 40up/4000 per Box (554), Oval 49mm x 35mm, 28up/2800 per Box (476), Oval 50mm x 35mm, 21up/2100 per Box (567), Oval 55mm x 25mm, 8up/800 per Box (583), Oval 65mm x 35mm, 21up/2100 per Box (477), Oval 98mm x 52mm, 10up/1000 per Box (568)

Sticker Size - NO Bleed or Blank

100mm x 10mm, 24up/2400 per Box (588), 105mm x 25.4mm, 22up/2200 per Box (581), 105mm x 37mm, 16up/1600 per Box (415), 105mm x 49mm, 12up/1200 per Box (522), 105mm x 73.8mm, 8up/800 per Box (414), 105mm x 94.5mm, 6up/600 per Box (501), 138mm x 50mm, 8up/800 per Box (447), 139mm x 99mm, 4up/400 per Box (523), 145mm x 19mm, 14up/1400 per Box (464), 147.6mm x 105mm, 4up/400 per Box (413), 199.6mm x143.5mm, 2up/200 per Box (532), 200mm x 30mm, 9up/900 per Box (513), 20mm Circles, 108up/10800 per Box (466), 20mm x 10mm, 252up/25200 per Box (462), 20mm x 20mm, 126up/12600 per Box (461), 210mm x 12mm, 23up/2300 per Box (405), 210mm x 147.6mm, 2up/200 per Box (403), 210mm x 40mm, 7up/700 per Box (404), 210mm x 73.8mm, 4up/400 per Box (538), 210mm x 98.4mm, 3up/300 per Box (520), 25mm x 15mm, 126up/12600 per Box (460), 284mm x 48mm, 4up/400 per Box (450), 295mm x 105mm, 2up/200 per Box (412), 295mm x 210mm, 1up/100 per Box (401), 295mm x 70mm, 3up/300 per Box (427), 30mm x 10mm, 168up/16800 per Box (548), 30mm x 16mm, 96up/9600 per Box (507), 32mm x 24mm, 72up/7200 per Box (515), 34mmx 21mm, 63up/6300 per Box (551), 35mm x 30mm, 54up/5400 per Box (457), 38mm x 21mm, 65up/6500 per Box (529), 38mm x 25.4mm, 50up/5000 per Box (456), 38mm x 38mm, 35up/3500 per Box (455), 40mm x 15mm, 90up/9000 per Box (511), 48.5mm x 25.4mm, 40up/4000 per Box (449), 48mm x 12mm, 92up/9200 per Box (454), 48mm x 20mm, 56up/5600 per Box (453), 48mm x 38mm, 28up/2800 per Box (452), 50mm Circles, 20up/2000 per Box (469), 50mm x 50mm, 20up/2000 per Box (448), 52mm x 16mm, 60up/6000 per Box (463), 52mm x 42mm, 20up/2000 per Box (585), 60mm x 20mm, 36up/3600 per Box (584), 63.5mm x 24mm, 33up/3300 per Box (444), 63.5mm x 34mm, 24up/2400 per Box (443), 63.5mm x 38mm, 21up/2100 per Box (528), 63.5mm x 46.5mm, 18up/1800 per Box (442), 63.5mm x 46.6mm, 18up/1800 per Box (535), 63.5mm x23mm, 36up/3600 per Box (579), 64mm x 25.4mm, 30up/3000 per Box (582), 64mm x 40mm, 24up/2400 per Box (536), 65mm x 40mm, 18up/1800 per Box (440), 65mm x 65mm, 12up/1200 per Box (439), 70mm x 12mm, 69up/6900 per Box (434), 70mm x 20mm, 42up/4200 per Box (433), 70mm x 25.4mm, 33up/3300 per Box (432), 70mm x 35mm, 24up/2400 per Box (431), 70mm x 47mm, 18up/1800 per Box (430), 70mm x 70mm, 12up/1200 per Box (429), 71mm x 48mm, 16up/1600 per Box (451), 71mm x 63.5mm, 12up/1200 per Box (441), 71mm x 70mm, 8up/800 per Box (428), 72mm x 63.5mm, 12up/1200 per Box (534), 75mm x 60mm, 8up/800 per Box (586), 77mm x 46.5mm, 12up/1200 per Box (426), 90mm x 50mm, 10up/1000 per Box (514), 97mm x 15mm, 36up/3600 per Box (424), 97mm x 20mm, 28up/2800 per Box (423), 97mm x 34mm, 16up/1600 per Box (422), 97mm x 40mm, 14up/1400 per Box (421), 97mm x 47.5mm, 12up/1200 per Box (420), 97mm x 50mm, 10up/1000 per Box (540), 97mm x 56.5mm, 10up/1000 per Box (419), 97mm x 66mm, 8up/800 per Box (559), 98mm x 25.4mm, 20up/2000 per Box (580), 99mm x 34mm, 16up/1600 per Box (527), 99mm x 39mm, 14up/1400 per Box (526), 99mm x 57mm, 10up/1000 per Box (533), 99mm x 67.7mm, 8up/800 per Box (525), 99mm x 93mm, 6up/600 per Box (524), None. I have chosen a sticker size with bleed


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