Stamps – Rubber


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Traditional Rubber Stamps mounted on a clear panel with a handle

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 9 cm
Stamp Size - Rubber

10mm x 101mm (S08), 10mm x 13mm (S01), 10mm x 25mm (S02), 10mm x 38mm (S03), 10mm x 51mm (S04), 10mm x 63mm (S05), 10mm x 76mm (S06), 10mm x 89mm (S07), 16mm x 101mm (L01), 16mm x 19mm (S09), 16mm x 38mm (S10), 16mm x 51mm (S11), 16mm x 63mm (S12), 16mm x 76mm (S13), 16mm x 89mm (S14), 21mm x 101mm (L03), 21mm x 21mm (S15), 21mm x 38mm (S16), 21mm x 51mm (S17), 21mm x 63mm (S18), 21mm x 76mm (S19), 21mm x 89mm (L02), 25mm x 101mm (L07), 25mm x 25mm (S20), 25mm x 38mm (S21), 25mm x 51mm (S22), 25mm x 63mm (L04), 25mm x 76mm (L05), 25mm x 89mm (L06), 32mm x 101mm (L09), 32mm x 127mm (L10), 32mm x 32mm (L19), 32mm x 51mm (L22), 32mm x 63mm (L23), 32mm x 76mm (L08), 38mm x 101mm (L14), 38mm x 38mm (L20), 38mm x 57mm (L11), 38mm x 70mm (L12), 38mm x 82mm (L13), 44mm x 44mm (L15), 51mm x 57mm (L16), 51mm x 76mm (L17), 63mm x 101mm (L18), 63mm x 63mm (L21), 6mm x 51mm (S23), 6mm x 63mm (S24), 6mm x 76mm (S26)

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