Self Inking Stamps


Clean & Easy to use!

Your choice of Black, Red, Green, Blue or Violet Ink



The inbuilt inkpad will last more than 10,000 imprints

Both the rubber and the ink pad can be easily changed

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 9 cm
Stamp Size - Self Inking

Oval – 55mm x 35mm (COLOP OVAL 55), Rect – 10mm x 27mm (COLOP P10), Rect – 10mm x 69mm (COLOP P15), Rect – 14mm x 38mm (COLOP P20), Rect – 15mm x 75mm (COLOP P25), Rect – 18mm x 47mm (COLOP P30), Rect – 20mm x 30mm (COLOP P52), Rect – 22mm x 58mm (COLOP P40), Rect – 25mm x 82mm (COLOP P45), Rect – 29mm x 69mm (COLOP P50), Rect – 30mm x 45mm (COLOP P53), Rect – 30mm x 50mm (COLOP P35), Rect – 37mm x 76mm (COLOP P60), Rect – 40mm x 50mm (COLOP P54), Rect – 40mm x 60mm (COLOP P55), Round – 15mm (COLOP R17), Round – 24mm (COLOP R24), Round – 28mm (COLOP R30), Round – 38mm (COLOP R40), Round – 48mm (COLOP R50), Square – 12mm x 12mm (COLOP Q12), Square – 17mm x 17mm (COLOP Q17), Square – 24mm x 24mm (COLOP Q24), Square – 31mm x 31mm (COLOP Q31), Square – 43mm x 43mm (COLOP Q43)

Stamp Ink Pad Colour

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Violet

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