Stamps – Self Inking


Clean & Easy to use!

Your choice of Black, Red, Green, Blue or Violet Ink

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The inbuilt inkpad will last more than 10,000 imprints

Both the rubber and the ink pad can be easily changed

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 9 cm
Stamp Size - Self Inking

Oval – 55mm x 35mm (COLOP OVAL 55), Rect – 10mm x 27mm (COLOP P10), Rect – 10mm x 69mm (COLOP P15), Rect – 14mm x 38mm (COLOP P20), Rect – 15mm x 75mm (COLOP P25), Rect – 18mm x 47mm (COLOP P30), Rect – 20mm x 30mm (COLOP P52), Rect – 22mm x 58mm (COLOP P40), Rect – 25mm x 82mm (COLOP P45), Rect – 29mm x 69mm (COLOP P50), Rect – 30mm x 45mm (COLOP P53), Rect – 30mm x 50mm (COLOP P35), Rect – 37mm x 76mm (COLOP P60), Rect – 40mm x 50mm (COLOP P54), Rect – 40mm x 60mm (COLOP P55), Round – 15mm (COLOP R17), Round – 24mm (COLOP R24), Round – 28mm (COLOP R30), Round – 38mm (COLOP R40), Round – 48mm (COLOP R50), Square – 12mm x 12mm (COLOP Q12), Square – 17mm x 17mm (COLOP Q17), Square – 24mm x 24mm (COLOP Q24), Square – 31mm x 31mm (COLOP Q31), Square – 43mm x 43mm (COLOP Q43)

Stamp Ink Pad Colour

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Violet

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